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Oliver Gray’s monthly health tips for high energy

Oliver is regarded as one of the leading experts in health, energy & performance. He has coached thousands of top executives and their teams on how to make simple changes to boost their health, energy and performance both inside and outside work.

On the 1st of each month Oliver will send you one email with 3 proven health tips for you to focus on. Each health tip is quick to read and simple to act on. Tips include how to improve your health, energy & performance, from nutrition, sleep, exercise, relaxation, posture, & mind management.

Oliver’s monthly health tips are easy to put into practice and will help you to support your employees in improving their health, energy & performance.

Oliver Gray, Managing Director at energiseYou, says: “Essentially living a healthy energised life is about creating healthy habits, both inside and outside of work. If you can make the healthy choices 80% of the time, you can then leave 20% of the time to be flexible with life.

“On a personal level, I am always looking for new simple strategies that I can implement into my life to improve my health, energy and performance. Once I see it working for me, I love to see it working for our clients.”

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