The story behind ENERGISE YOU

Dec 10 2012

What a year!

I’m really pleased to see my book, ENERGISE YOU – The ultimate health and energy plan, in print.

I wrote the book over a year ago now so it’s fantastic to have the hard copy now here on my desk. And it will be on sale in all major bookstores from January…exciting times.

So, why did I write the ENERGISE YOU?

Anyone who has met me knows I really am so passionate about helping people to improve their health and increase their energy. Whilst our corporate business is helping companies to improve the health, energy and performance of their staff I wanted to create something that everyone, regardless of where they work, can use and refer to on a regular basis.

After years of research, I know information alone doesn’t work; you also need a system for taking the information and creating change. This is where the book comes in. ENERGISE YOU includes a proven system which is used by the energiseYou corporate business – this has helped thousands of employees to improve their health and energy.

Having coached over 10,000 people around health and energy, I have learnt four very powerful things:

1. People’s health, energy and happiness is ultimately driven by their habits in 7 key areas: mind management, nutrition, sleep, exercise, smart computer use, re-energising and work life balance. The book is full of all the best habits we should adopt and all the habits that we should drop in these 7 areas.

2. The large majority of people just want an expert they trust to tell them what to do in a super simple way; they don't want to know about all the reasons why they should do it, just what works.

3. People need a simple yet sophisticated system for change - we need to know what to do but also how to do it.

4. Finally, pretty much everyone I’ve met and coached wants more energy, they just want to know what to do to get it, how to implement the change and most importantly they want it made quick and SIMPLE.

The book is full of the best information and habits for the mind, nutrition, sleep, exercise, smart computer use, re-energising and work life balance. It can be used like a handbook and can be referred back to for inspiration - it has been dubbed the ultimate energy plan, by those who have used it and it really will help you get great results.

But read it for yourself and let me know what you think on Twitter or Facebook.