Forget the fad diets

Dec 28 2012

Yesterday, equalities minister Jo Swinson's urged magazine editors to stop featuring irresponsible "fad diets and fitness myths" that will not actually help people lose weight.

After twenty years in the health, energy and weight loss business, it's about time something was done about these crazy fad diets, and it's great to see an MP taking a stand.

Fad diets are crazy. They are unhealthy, unhelpful and unrealistic. But worse than that, they can be dangerous.

They are bad for energy levels, which amongst other things effect people's moods and ability to stay active, and often restrict key food groups which are essential for good health.

But their major Achilles Heel is that most ask too much in too little time which is why people rarely stick to them and often end up in a worst place once they've quit the diet.

They may help the diet industry to pile on the pounds, but generally they don't help inpiduals to lose weight in a sensible and sustainable way. They can in fact have a negative impact on people's health, energy and performance.