Eat your way to a healthy and productive 2013

Jan 02 2013

We’ve all heard the popular saying, “You are what you eat.” There is certainly some truth in this because what we eat and drink really does have an impact on our health and energy levels, which in turn can have affect our performance and productivity at work.

But there’s so much information in magazines, books and on the Internet, offering advice about what we should eat and how to lose weight it can be difficult to know where to start.

Last week, equalities minister Jo Swinson wrote an open letter asking magazines to "shed the fad diets and fitness myths" in their January editions. She said, “Far too much of magazine coverage tends to focus on irresponsible, short-term solutions and encourages readers to jump on fad diet bandwagons.”

Swinson drew attention to the fact these fad diets pose a health risk. This is very true but not watching what you eat can also pose a health risk.

Our research of over 2,000 employees shows the large majority of people score just 35% with regards to nutrition on the key drivers of good health and energy. Clearly there is a huge opportunity for us to help employees make some simple health related changes - this will not only have a positive impact on their energy levels but also the health of your business.

With many people setting goals to eat more healthily or lose weight in January now is the ideal time for employers to help staff and tap into their motivation at the start of the year.

This doesn’t just mean offering advice about good nutrition and healthy eating there are other simple actions that employers can take to support staff, helping them to make healthy choices and achieve great health, energy and performance at work. These include:

1. Healthy food and drinks

Ensure meeting rooms have fruit, herbal teas and water. Also ensure biscuits and sweets etc are not provided in meeting rooms. If meetings run through the day or you have training days, ensure your caterers provide a healthy breakfast & lunch.

2. Water in the office

Ensure your office has clean drinking water easily available; this can be clean drinking tap water, water coolers or water fountains.

3. Vending machines

Ensure all vending machines providing high sugar drinks, crisps and chocolate etc are removed from your building.

For more information you can download my 7 essentials to wellbeing – click here for more information.

By supporting staff in this way you can help your people give their health and energy a boost – this will strengthen your business.

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