What's your focus for 2013?

Jan 07 2013

Traditionally December and January is a time when many people start thinking about what they want to achieve in the New Year.

This month all the staff here, at energiseYou, have picked an area that they want to focus on to improve their health, energy and happiness. Some of the team plan to eat more fruit, there’s Lily who is going to learn to cook and someone upping their marathon training.


This got me thinking about what I want to focus on in 2013. I’m already very proactive when it comes to nutrition and exercise so I started to think about other areas that will really help energise me – this led me to success and fun…


Why success? Having played professional tennis for four years and always being interested in sports I am naturally very competitive and love the thrill of a win. For me, losing is just not an option and this is why success is so important.


Why the fun? Whilst it is positive to have an objective in mind and a belief that you will achieve it the danger is that you become so focused on the end goal that you stop enjoying the journey. So, for me, this is where the focus on fun comes in.


It’s so important to enjoy work and our day to day activities. When we have fun and enjoy life we are more energised, more likely to achieve our goals, and we are naturally much happier.


All too often we take life and work too seriously, especially in the workplace. Yes, there are serious issues that will need my attention and yes there might be challenging moments but this doesn’t mean work can’t be fun.


By having fun along the way I know I will enjoy everything a bit more and hopefully those around me will too. So here is to a fun and successful 2013.

Some of the energiseYou team will be sharing updates on how they are doing with their new habits on Twitter @energiseyou and @olivergray7 and Facebook You can do the same – don’t forget #ENERGISEYOU