Smart computer use - it's up to employers to train their people

Jan 25 2013

There is no doubt about it technology can really improve productivity. But for this to happen employees need to be using it smartly.
Our research, of over 2,000 employees, finds the large majority score just 55% on the key drivers of smart computer use. Given the amount of time we spend in front of our computer this is not good for business – not only is it putting employees at risk but also the business.
It’s up to us as employers to make sure our people understand how to stay healthy and energised at their computer.
Doing this properly will not only ensure we comply with the health & safety legislation but also reduce the risk of employees developing health related problems which is putting a strain on businesses, such as musculo-skeletal disorders and headaches.
Take action now - here are three simple steps to get you started: 1. Carry out workstation assessments – this is a legal requirement A staggering 51% of employees surveyed are not set up with the correct seating and posture at their computer. By carrying out a workstation assessment you can make sure employees are following healthy workstation practices, and also ensure your company is complying with health and safety regulations. For more information click here. 2. Understand how to use computers smartly I am holding a 30-minute live webinar to help you improve computer use in your organisation. Click here to register – places are limited. This will help you ensure you comply with the legislation and identify ways to reduce the risk of employees developing musculo-skeletal disorders. This is being held at 12pm, on the 19 February 2013. All attendees will receive a free factsheet on ‘how to stay healthy and energised at your computer’ to circulate to their employees. 3. Support employees Make sure you have the policies and procedures in place within your organisation so that employees: - Achieve the correct seated posture - De-clutter - keep their workstation clutter free - Are able to take regular breaks from their desk - Drink water