Energy management in the workplace

Oct 08 2013

A recent YouGov survey of over 2,000 employees, commissioned by Lucozade Revive, finds nine out of ten of us suffer with a dip in energy in the afternoon. This afternoon energy slump equates to a shocking 24 days in lost productivity per year per employee.

These two findings really show the benefits that can be gained from improved energy management, for both employers and inpiduals themselves.

A couple of months ago I was asked by Lucozade Revive to chair their Energy Management Summit. The panel discussed energy management in the workplace and the role employers should play in helping their staff achieve high energy.

The conclusion following the summit is that there are three huge benefits linked to improved energy management within our organisations:

Employees achieve a better quality life

They are not only much happier but their performance at work improves as a result.  

Improved organisational performance

Sickness absence reduces, reactive healthcare costs drop and employee performance improves.  

Less pressure on the NHS

Energy management is directly linked to health, when energy improves our health also improves. Healthy people put less strain on the NHS, which currently costs the UK £109 billion per year.

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