Employee Wellbeing - activities powerful in Jan, Feb & Mar

Feb 05 2014

Creating a healthy, energised workforce doesn’t happen without a consistent and focused approach to employee wellbeing throughout the year. However, there are 3 months of the year when employee wellbeing activities are particularly important and extremely powerful.

Reasons why Jan, Feb and March are especially significant months for employee wellbeing:
  - Every business wants to start the year with a strong performance in the first quarter, it’s therefore important to do everything you can to have a healthy and energised workforce performing at their best - Employee wellbeing is a key driver in creating staff engagement, which in turn propels staff performance and retention. Starting the year with strong staff engagement is key for business performance. - Your staff will naturally be inspired in Jan, Feb and March to want to make changes to improve their health & energy, so tapping into their motivation is key. - Staff generally come back to work in January, sluggish with a December hang over caused by excessive food and drink and a lot of excess TV and inactivity. In addition, the lack of sunlight through Oct, Nov & Dec always affects mood and motivation at the start of the year, making employee wellbeing an essential focus for the 1st quarter. - Helping staff stay healthy through these winter months, is key to reducing staff absence. What employee wellbeing topics work well in Jan, Feb & March At energiseYou we educate and coach employees to improve their health & energy via our workshops, webinars, podcasts & health events. We cover the full spectrum of employee wellbeing, both physical & mental health & energy, however there are 3 topics that work particularly well in Jan, Feb & March. - Nutrition & energy - Exercise & energy - Mind management & goal setting So if you want healthy, energised, engaged employees performing at their best in the first quarter of 2014, think about your employee wellbeing approach.