2014 - It's your year to be healthy

Mar 17 2014

It takes you JUST ONE MONTH of focus to put a new habit in place or drop an unwanted habit. One of the most important nutrition habits, eating 5 OR MORE PORTIONS OF FRUIT OR VEGETABLES PER DAY.  Here are some specific habits that will help you achieve this. 1. Always eat some FRUIT WITH BREAKFAST, add blueberries or goji berries to your breakfast mix both are high in antioxidants and great for your HEALTH & ENERGY Bananas 2. REDUCE or cut out the heavy CARBOHYDRATES in the evening such as bread, pasta and rice, instead always make sure your evening meal is packed with lots of COLOURFUL VEGETABLES AvocadoFor a high energy lunch go for a vegetable soup that also includes protein such as chicken, fish, tofu, or lentils 3. And finally if you want to take it to the next level eat ORGANIC fruit and vegetables as often as possible, getting organic FRUIT &VEGETABLES delivered each week is a great option Bowl of fruit salad