Make exercise part of your weekly routine

Mar 17 2014

Have you started or are you thinking of starting a new exercise routine? Or are you looking to make improvements to what you were doing? If the answer is yes you need to read on. The key thing you need to know is unfortunately most people don’t stick with exercise, so the information in this blog will help to ensure that’s not you! Let’s start this topic with my 3 golden rules of exercise: 1. To achieve results you need to BE CONSISTENT, as the saying goes, if you don’t use it, you lose it! 2. To achieve consistency, you must FIND EXERCISE YOU ENJOY THAT FIT’S YOUR LIFESTYLE. 3. LEARN TO LISTEN TO YOUR BODY and adjust your exercise type, time and intensity based on how you feel each day Regular exercise is the same as all health & energy habits, you need to focus hard for your first month to imbed regular exercise as a habit. After the first month you have done most of the hard work and it will be in your weekly routine, then it’s just a case of keeping it going. The following tips will help with your results and consistency… MORNING EXERCISE IS BEST 2_Mag_mind_b_s_v2_07 You can achieve great results in a short intensive 20 minute workout Morning exercise is best for energy and burning calories, and people who exercise in the morning are always more consistent exercisers. Why? Because as the day goes on, more things can get in the way of your plans to exercise at lunchtime or in the evenings. The other great thing about morning exercise is you can achieve great results in a short workouts, so when you have less time during the week, don’t think you have to do an hour, you can achieve great results in a short intensive 20 minute workout. The important thing is to have the intention to do something every morning. This could be a fast 20 minute walk to work, 20 minutes of yoga at home or a 20 minute non stop circuit toning programme.  So aim for something every morning but if you miss one or two days per week – no problem. ACTIVE WEEKENDS Make sure you get active at the weekends; this is when you have more time for a longer workout or class. Combining exercise at the weekends with friends or family is a great way to ensure your weekends are active. A BALANCED EXERCISE PROGRAMME If you are more serious about your exercise and your results, make sure your exercise programme has a balance between the threeexercise types, cardiovascular exercise (swimming, cycling, running, cross trainer, rowing, cardio based clasees) resistance exercise (this can be with you own body weight e.g. press ups & squats, or with machine weights or free weights) and stretching Running When you find the joy in excercise, everything falls into place