Sleep your foundation for great health & energy

Mar 17 2014

Sleep is truly your foundation for great health, excellent energy and a happy, positive mind. In fact, if you’re not sleeping well, you’ll find it almost impossible to achieve great energy. The reality is, poor sleep is becoming more and more common, the two key causes for this are: 1. BEING MENTALLY OVER STIMULATED - The two biggest causes of this are excessive technology use and the sheer volume of stuff we cram into our lives these days. 2. The other big cause, is WORRYING TOO MUCH ABOUT SLEEP, I call this “sleep pressure” e.g. putting pressure on yourself to sleep well. Have you ever said to yourself, I’ve got such a busy important day tomorrow, I really must have a great nights sleep? then guess what happens! You have trouble sleeping. Sleeping So to help you fall asleep more effortlessly and to improve the quality of your sleep here are 5 sleep habits to implement: 1. Give yourself 20 MINUTES OF DEEP RELAXATION (this could be sitting in silence or listening to some relaxing music) or meditation when you get in from work, this will help you to calm down from the mental stimulation of the day. My personal favourite is TM meditation, search online for a weekend TM meditation course near you. Relaxation 2. AVOID ALL TECHNOLOGY ONE HOUR BEFORE BED and have soft lighting on around the house the last hour before bed, again this will help you calm down from your day, and by avoiding the technology and the bright light you will produce more melatonin a hormone that aids sleep 3. Give yourself two to three hours after eating before you go to bed and ENSURE YOUR EVENING MEAL IS LIGHT, e.g. healthy protein (chicken, fish, or tofu) with lots of colourful vegetables is best. One or two plain oats cakes 30 minutes before bed can help to control your sugar levels and calm you ready for sleep 4. If you exercise in the evening, go for CALMING EXERCISE such as light cardiovascular exercise, light resistance exercise or a calming class such as yoga, tai chi or Pilates 5. Take a relaxed approach towards sleep e.g. your perfect mindset is that you are not so fussed about sleep, you just go to bed at say 10.15pm and get up at say 6.30am and during those hours you just relax and LET SLEEP TAKE CARE OF ITSELF sleep   My final thought for you: A calming evening + a relaxed mind set towards sleep = a great night’s sleep.