Increase your energy in just one week

Mar 31 2014

So the first three months of 2014 are over, how is your energy feeling? After the past 6 months of cold weather and a lack of sunlight, this time of year can often be a tough time for people’s energy. In this blog I’m going to give you four my favourite evening and morning energy habits, one week of these habits and you will notice a big improvement in your energy levels. Remember improving your energy is simple; it’s all about making simple changes to your habits. - Your energy improves as you implement the good habits and drop the bad habits.  It really is that simple. - It takes just one month of focus to implement a good habit or drop an unwanted habit, so you need to be motivated in your first month. - MOTIVATION is what gets your started and HABIT is what keeps you going.  Evening energy habits 1. A light evening meal e.g. healthy protein + lots of vegetables, and no heavy carbohydrates. This aids digestion, boosts energy, helps with weight loss and improves sleep 2. Ditch technology an hour before bed - To improve sleep, simply stay away from the TV, laptop, phone or any other technology 3. 20 minutes stop time at the end of your working day to re-energise the mind.  This could be sitting in silence, being in nature, sitting listening to relaxing music or meditation.  My personal favourite is TM meditation, search online for a weekend course near you 4. Early to bed early to rise – This gives you the best quality sleep, and gives you time in the morning for exercise & a good breakfast  Morning energy habits 1. 20 minutes of morning movement - Kick start your energy each day with 20 minutes of movement, it doesn’t matter what, as long as you’re moving e.g. 20 minutes of yoga at home, 20 minute fast walk or cycle into work or a 20 minute circuit toning programme 2. Matcha green tea & a high energy breakfast, here’s my favourite - Porridge oats or amaranth pops + shelled hemp seeds + chia seeds + Goji berries + blueberries + cinnamon + maca powder with almond milk 3. Start the day with a list of your 3 musts do’s, these are the 3 things that will have the biggest impact on your performance. Keep focused on these 3 through your morning 4. Do one thing at a time; working in 60-90 minute intervals then take a break Start with three of these habits and really focus on them for a month, after just one week you’ll be seeing your energy improve. For more help on your health & energy visit