Superfoods for super energy

Apr 30 2014

I’m often asked what are the best foods and drinks for achieving great health and energy. So, in this article, I’ll talk you through the superfoods and drinks I can’t live without. One key point before we start; The word “superfood” really has been over used and over exaggerated in the media, so to be clear, what is a superfood? Put simply a superfood is a food or drink that is nutritionally rich and therefore great for your health and energy. Nutritionally rich can mean high in vitamins, minerals, fibre, good fats, good protein and antioxidants. A really good superfood will be high in most of these areas. Mind Body and Soul Part 5 These are my top superfoods and drinks for super energy: AMARNTH POPS – This is my No1 breakfast cereal, high in vitamins, minerals and protein. Amaranth is also gluten free which makes it easy to digest SHELLED HEMP SEEDS – High in protein and the good fats, this is the perfect seeds to add to your breakfast mix Mind Body and Soul Part 5 CHIA SEEDS – This is one of the easiest seeds to digest. High in protein, fibre, antioxidants and the good fats ALMONDS – whole almonds as a snack, almond flakes on your breakfast, almond milk for breakfast and almond butter on oatcakes as a snack. Almonds are the only alkaline nut, high in protein and good fats Mind Body and Soul Part 5 MACA POWDER – Add to breakfast, homemade energy balls or soups, high in vitamins and minerals. Maca is great for energy and helps with hormone balancing, sexual function and fertility CACAO – From the cacao bean which all chocolate is made from, this nut is high in vitamins, minerals & antioxidants GOJI BERRIES & BLUEBERRIES – Great for a snack with a handful of almonds or to add to your breakfast cereal, both are high in vitamins and antioxidants Mind Body and Soul LENTILS – High in protein and also a great slow release carbohydrate. A good alternative to meat and great for energy QUINOA – High in protein, vitamins and minerals. This slow release carbohydrate is a great alternative to rice or pasta as it’s gluten free and easy to digest SALMON, MACKAREL, SARDINES, RAINBOW TROUT – All are high in protein & Omega 3 fats COCONUT WATER – High in vitamins & minerals. Great for hydration, digestion and highly alkaline MATCHA GREEN TEA – High in antioxidants and great for energy and concentration In summary a nutritionally rich diet is essential for achieving great health & energy, so the more of these superfoods you can introduce, the more nutritionally rich your diet will be. Choose three of these foods today that you will introduce daily or weekly into your normal diet.