The importance of getting your Senior Managers healthy, energised & resilient

Aug 14 2014

For over 10 years now we have been working with some truly great organisations, helping them to improve performance by coaching their employees to improve their health & energy. More companies are now seeing the benefits to the performance of the business in of creating a healthy and energised workforce. Over the past 2 years we have seen a big shift in one particular area of work with our clients. Pre 2 years ago we only had around 20% of our clients whereby Directors & senior managers would be involved in the programmes we ran for our clients. Now however, this has grown to around 70% of our clients and for the majority of these we run specific workshops for the Directors and senior managers. So why has this shift happened, in a nutshell, historically Directors and senior managers would be the worst at looking after themselves and prioritising their health & energy, all to often they were so business focused, their health got neglected. However over the past 2 years there is a growing number of senior managers that are feeling the pressure and recognise that with better health & energy they not only perform better but also are much more resilient to the pressures of leadership and management.  So for a HR Director what are the benefits in running health & energy programmes for your senior management: -       First and full most senior managers need help with their health & energy just like everyone else -       Senior managers with better health & energy perform better and given their responsibilities, this improved performance can have a big impact on the bottom line -       We get excellent feedback from senior managers that attend our workshops, this then engages them and makes it easier for HR to implement a big company wide programme -       As we all know the leadership in any business drives it’s culture, so if you can get the leaders taking their own health and energy seriously, this sends a big message out to everyone else i.e. Directors driving a healthy, energised culture v a burnt out stressed culture  Here are some of the most popular topics we cover when running programmes for senior managers: Mind management & resilience Mindfulness & meditation Managing pressure & improving resilience How to support your teams manage pressure Nutrition & energy Day to day energy management Sleep & energy Smart working & work life balance Exercise & energy Back care health How do HR Directors & L&D Managers get this to happen: When your senior managers meet (usually monthly) simple organise for a 1 hour session to be part of their day. This session can be tailored to your group to ensure maximum impact.