The power of mindfulness for health, energy & happiness

Aug 26 2014

In the world of health, energy & happiness, the topic of mindfulness can often be seen as a little boring and maybe not as sexy as a super food diet or fitness programme. However research shows the benefits of mindfulness are profound, including increased energy, reduction in stress, improved happiness, improved sleep by calming your nervous system, increased creativity and improved performance in whatever field you are in. 

Mindfulness is not a new thing; it has been around for over 1000 years and is a key practice for Buddhists. However it is now becoming more mainstream, as the benefits become more apparent for our modern way of living.

  2_Mag_mind_b_s_wk15_2 Put simply “Mindfulness is when you are completely absorbed and present in the moment” and the simplest way to practice mindfulness is to bring this practice into everyday activities. Anyone great at what they do, whether they are a sports person, artist or a creative entrepreneur, will naturally practice mindfulness during their greatest moments. 2_Mag_mind_b_s_wk15_3 

Mindfulness can be used within some of these activities, to replace the time spend with technology. Reducing your technology time each day is also a great way to improve your physical and mental energy. So here are some practical ways to bring mindfulness into everyday activities: 2_Mag_mind_b_s_wk15_4 

 1) 20 MINUTES OF MORNING MEDITATION Morning meditation as soon as you awake will make your mindfulness practice so much easier. It teaches you to be completely in the moment. There are many different types of meditation, all of which are simple to learn. For example TM meditation which is the technique I use, is recognised as one of the simplest and most effective meditation techniques around and can be learnt on a short weekend course. 

 2) YOUR MORNING SHOWER When you take your shower make the decision to really be present. Really focus on all your senses, how the water feels on your body, how the water looks running over your body, the smell of your shower gel. You will notice by taking your shower in this way you won’t spend your time daydreaming or worrying about the past or future. You will be totally in the moment. 2_Mag_mind_b_s_wk15_5 

 3) YOUR BREAKFAST Go for a healthy, high-energy breakfast for example oats, chia seeds, goji berries and blue berries with almond milk. This breakfast is packed with all the nutrients the body needs. As with the shower become aware of your senses, the beautiful colours of the berries, the great taste, just imagine how you would eat this breakfast if it were your last ever breakfast. 2_Mag_mind_b_s_wk15_6 2_Mag_mind_b_s_wk15_7 

 1) YOUR JOURNEY TO WORK However you travel to work, you can practice mindfulness. Two things in particular to focus on as you travel, first really notice the beauty of nature, this could be a flower or tree you pass. Also really notice the people you pass, when you really look at anything in nature and really see people, life shows you a completely new and magical picture. 

 2) BECOMING MINDFUL OF YOUR INNER ENERGY While on the bus, train or tube sit in an upright position, relax your muscles and focus on the air coming in through your nose and out through your mouth. Now simply focus on your hands and feel the energy within your hands, then extend this focus to your arms and face. Really feel the aliveness that lies within your hands, arms and face. 2_Mag_mind_b_s_wk15_8 

YOUR FIRST CONVERSATION OF THE DAY Have you ever had a conversation with someone where they make you feel like you are the only thing they are focused on? Doesn’t that feel special? So today give this experience to the first person you speak with at work. Really listen to what they say and become completely absorbed by the person and the interaction you have with them. 

FINAL TIPS To really enhance your experiences, sometimes “simply slowdown” The more you practice mindfulness the more this will become your natural way of living, i.e. you will find yourself continually in this moment, thinking will reduce and you will find yourself healthier, happier and more energised.