The one habit we all need in our lives to achieve great energy

Jan 20 2015

The great thing about improving your energy is that the equation is very simple.

“Implement the habits that benefit your energy & drop the habits that negatively affect your energy”.

In terms of habits there are literally hundreds that benefit our energy and hundreds that have a negative affect on our energy. For example, habits in the areas of how we manage our mind, how we manage our work, sleep habits, nutrition habits, exercise habits, how we interact with technology, how we take time out to re-energise ourselves and how we balance work and life.

Essentially our energy comes down to how many of the good habits we have in our lives each day and each week and how many of the bad habits we are able to keep out of our lives. 

The challenge we have with today's modern lifestyle is we have too many habits that are over stimulating our nervous system and not enough habits that are calming us from this stimulation.

It is this over stimulation that is burning us out, both mentally & physically whilst also negatively effecting our sleep & energy.

So the one habit we all need in our lives to achieve great energy is “ A daily practice to calm our nervous system from all this stimulation”. Examples of habits that calm your nervous system include:

· Listening to relaxing music in a peaceful place with your eyes closed

· Going for a relaxing walk in nature

· A relaxing type of exercise such as Yin yoga, restorative yoga of Tai Chi

· A relaxing massage

· Having a relaxing bath

· Practicing mindfulness

· Meditation - TM meditation is my meditation of choice, this simple technique allows you to calm your nervous system so deeply in such a short period of time.  So much so that research shows your brain waves during TM meditation are the same as that of deep sleep, for more information on TM meditation visit

So if you live the busy modern life and you want to achieve great energy, start by introducing a daily habit into your life that calms your nervous system from all the stimulation of the day.

From a small investment of time into this habit each day, you will notice big results. Sleep quality will improve, as will your energy.


Your mind & body needs this daily habit, just like it needs water each day.


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