Healthy Nutrition for Energy & Performance at work

May 01 2015

Over the past 10 years the topic of nutrition has been one of our most popular topics that we cover in the area of energy management in the workplace.

Small changes to what we eat and when we eat equals big improvements to our energy and consequently our performance at work.

Nutrition is often a subject people feel confused about due to the amount of conflicting information in the media and the glorifying of certain foods and drinks.


Here are 4 simple nutrition principles for achieving great energy to help clear up some of the confusion:


1. There are no ways of eating that work for everyone.  Each person is unique based on your goals, age, gender, size, activity level, food likes & dislikes, food intolerances, preferences such as vegan. So rule No1 is you need to find the way of eating and the foods that work for you


2. Many people skip breakfast or eat a breakfast that's high in carbohydrates and sugar, neither of which will give you great energy.  For high energy go for a breakfast containing a slow release carbohydrate food combined with a high protein food e.g. eggs on rye bread or porridge oats with seeds (shelled hemp seed and Chia seeds are two of the best)


3. The biggest cause of the 3pm energy slump is the wrong kind of lunch i.e. high in fast release carbohydrates such as sandwiches or a jacket potato.  To help keep your energy high through the afternoon go for a lunch that contains a high protein food such as fish, lentils, tofu, chick peas, soya beans or quinoa and ideally combine with lots of vegetables


4. You may feel snacking is a bad thing, however eating smaller portions through the day and a lighter meal in the evening is far better than no snacking and a massive evening meal.  The key however is to snack on the right foods.  The big one to avoid is refined sugar which unfortunately seems to be everywhere.  Here are four healthy snack options; fruit with 10-15 almonds or just the almonds, plain soya yogurt with chia seeds sprinkled in, naked bar (these contain only natural sugars) or cucumber or carrots with hummus or almond butter


Choose 1, 2 or 3 new habits from the information above and focus on them everyday for 30 days.  As you go through the month you'll start to see the benefits and by the end of the month you will have formed them as habits.

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