Why should CEO’s be bothered about the energy levels of their workforces?

Feb 16 2015

I was recently asked by the CEO of a large organisation and it’s not the first time I’ve been asked this question “Why should I be bothered about the energy levels of my workforce?” He had two reasons for asking, firstly he was genuinely intrigued by the ENERGISE.YOU business and secondly he didn’t really understand why a company would invest time and money to support the workforce in improving their energy levels.


So to give the answer I gave this CEO, the important starting point is to ask is there a problem with staff energy levels?  If not you could argue, if isn’t broken don’t fix it. However the fact is there is a big problem.  Roughly 85% of the 25,000 people who have completed our online energy test have scored between 30-40% on the key drivers for energy.  This demonstrates that the majority of people have a huge opportunity to improve their energy levels.  Even the other 15% who don’t have a big issue still have opportunity to further improve their energy.


And this problem isn’t going away; in fact it’s getting worse, here are some of the reasons


. Our exposure to technology is on the increase, which is over stimulating our nervous system and burning us out


. Our sleep quality is getting worse due to our over stimulated nervous system and the sheer volume of stuff we cram into our lives


. Our lives are becoming more sedentary


. Many are struggling with their work life balance as work demands increase


. Burn out is on the increase as we struggle to truly switch off from work


. Stress & mental health issues are on the increases


. We are consuming too much processed foods, wheat, sugar, caffeine, alcohol & red meat

The list goes on…


Having now understood there is a problem, the next question is what are the benefits of taking your staff from low energy to high energy?  The most important of all, is performance and productivity.  Although there are many factors that affect people’s performance at work, one of the biggest is their energy. 


So by supporting staff to improve their energy, you as a CEO will be achieving better performance from your biggest asset.  In addition to performance, energy is very closely linked to health & resilience i.e. staff with better energy will have better health and greater resilience to the pressures and challenges at work and in life generally.  With this improved health & resilience they will also be far less likely to be absent due to poor health and if they are, they will bounce back much quicker. This in turn means less sick days and PMI claims, which over time reduces your PMI costs.


An extra benefit that is very much understood by the great brands such as eBay, Google, Sony and the companies that make it into the Sunday Times top 100 best companies listing is that staff engagement drives staff retention and performance.  So you may ask what does staff energy have to do with engagement, well who have been running the Sunday Times top 100 best companies engagement survey for 15 years have shown through hundreds of thousands of engagement surveys that staff wellbeing is one of eight key areas that drives engagement i.e. if you look after the wellbeing of your staff they will be more engaged and more willing to go that extra mile for your organisation.


So in summary better performance from your workforce, less sick days, lower PMI costs, greater staff engagement / retention and a workforce that will go that extra mile can only improve profitability.



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