Smart working habits to improve your energy & performance

Apr 01 2015

In terms of habits there are literally hundreds that benefit our energy & performance at work and hundreds that have a negative effect.

Essentially our energy & performance comes down to how many of the good habits we have in our lives each day and each week and how many of the bad habits we are able to keep out of our lives. As well as our sleep, nutrition & exercise habits, how we work also plays a key role in our energy & performance.

There are ways of working that drain our energy, burn us out and leave us lacking creativity.  Equally there are smart working habits that allows us to:

. Achieve more in less time

. Get the important stuff done faster

. Increase our productivity and creativity

. Keep us mentally energised and sharp

Here are 3 examples of simple smart working habits that will improve your energy & performance at work

1. Start each day by writing down your 3 MUST DO’S for the day. These are the 3 most important actions you need to achieve today.  Keep focused on these 3 through your day and start with the toughest one

2. Work in 60-90 minute intervals then take a break.  This pattern is working in harmony with your body's natural rhythms and will help to keep you energised and productive

3. As much as you possibly, can fill your time with work that plays to your natural strengths.  Playing to your strengths is a big energizer.  It's where you will effortlessly perform at your best

Choose 1, 2 or all 3 of these habits and focus on them everyday for 30 days.  As you go through the month you'll start to see the benefits and by the end of the month you will have formed them as habits  


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