How the ENERGY of your PEOPLE links to creating a strong BRAND

Jun 01 2015

Organisations are finding growth harder to come by and brand differentiation is more important than ever. To achieve sustainable growth and create a strong brand you need your people performing at their best.

The problem however is that the modern way of working & living is leading to poor energy. This in turn leads to poor performance and high employee absence. If your people are stressed, burnt out and operating on low energy then they are disengaged which in turn leads to high employee turnover.

Innovative organisations recognise that an energised workforce is not a nice to have, but an essential component of their brand and a key driver for profit.

4 of the key elements to create a strong brand through your people

1.Clear mission and clarity on why you do what you do

2.Clear core values i.e. what are the guiding principles that run through your business and what do you stand for?

3.How do your clients feel when they interact and engage with your brand and the people within your organisation?

4.The relationship between your people and your brand

  • Are they fully engaged in your mission and clear on your why?
  • Do your people live the values of your organisation?
  • Are your people energised to deliver an amazing experience for your clients?

How does your brand experience make your clients feel?

A - A negative experience i.e. they will be unlikely to want to continue to work with you

B - An average experience leaving them feeling indifferent about your brand and therefore susceptible to going elsewhere

C - A consistently exceptional experience, which creates strong brand loyalty and referrals

How does an energised workforce help you create a strong brand?

There are 2 key elements that successful and innovative brands really GET!

If your people have great energy as opposed to being stressed, burnt out and operating on low energy they will deliver so much more for your organisation and support you in creating a strong bran

By supporting your workforce to be healthy & energised you create positive feelings inside your people i.e. they want to go that extra mile for the organisation because they are being looked after.  Equally if they feel stressed and drained of energy through work, they just won’t deliver anywhere close to their potential.

In summary the innovative organisations recognise that a strong brand and an energised & engaged workforce is no longer a nice to have.  It is essential for creating a successful organisation and gives you a clear competitive advantage.






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