Why CHANGE doesn’t come easy for individuals

Jul 01 2015

Our mission is to work with innovative organisations to increase business performance by coaching their people to improve their energy. We do this via our workshops, webinars, podcasts, energy events and motivational talks. 

With this mission our number one value is CHANGE. 

To fully understand the importance of CHANGE it’s key recognise that your energy & performance is driven by your daily and weekly habits.

There are literally hundreds of habits that benefit your energy & performance and literally hundreds that don’t.

Our focus is coaching employees to make these habit CHANGES, so they can improve their energy & performance.

Over the past 11 years we have coached thousands of employees in hundreds of different organisations.  In this time we have learnt that habit CHANGE does NOT come easy for individuals.

There are 3 facts about the brain that help us to understand why habit CHANGE has its challenges!

FACT 1 - You can change parts of your brain.  You can change habits and beliefs. 

This first fact is key as many people don’t actually believe they can change.  When someone understands the fact that they can change, this helps to give the person the belief, which is essential for change.

FACT 2 - Change only happens when you consistently stretch yourself. 

The reason this fact is so key is that most people underestimate how much commitment, motivation and focus is needed in the first 30 days to create a habit change.  They therefore don’t give the habit change enough focus and therefore fall short.  This can reaffirm their belief that habit change is too hard or even impossible.

FACT 3 - The brain is naturally lazy.  Its job is to keep you alive and to conserve energy.

The reason this fact is so key is that although after 30 days you have done 80% of the hard work.  If you don’t keep focused for a further 60 days the lazy brain will rather slip back into the old habits than keep focused on the new habits.


So in summary to create habit change:

1. You need to believe you can change. 

2. You need motivation and focus through your first 30 days.  This is the most challenging time during a habit change and your commitment is key.

3. You need to keep focused for a further 60 days after your first 30 days to really imbed your new habits.

Finally because of the level of commitment, focus and motivation needed for habit change, it is important to only focus on a maximum of three habit changes per month.


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