Aug 28 2015

Twitter can work for some, but today we decided to stop using it!

So why have we stopped using twitter? In a nutshell we feel all social media is in direct conflict with some of the key habits on which we coach people everyday.

The first of these habits is the essence of mindfulness i.e. “doing one thing at a time with all your focus” so we stopped using twitter because these constant distractions from social media take you away from the habit of doing one thing at a time with all your focus.  These distractions can come from email, texting, whatsapp, facebook, pintrest, instagram, youtube, and twitter to name a few.

We love coaching people on how to introduce mindfulness into their work and life and we feel it’s important to do everything we can to support people and do our part by not adding to these distractions.  The one exception we are keeping is our monthly blog.

The second reason we stopped using twitter is in relation to another habit on which we coach people.  This is to reduce the overall time spent on technology each day, by reducing the amount of things you use your phone for, you will help to reduce your overall technology use.  This leads to better sleep and an overall improvement in mental sharpness and energy.

Here are four other ways to reduce your technology use:

1.     Avoid turning your phone on for the first one or two hours of the day

2.     Turn your phone off for your last one to two hours before sleep

3.     Give yourself phone breaks through the day by turning your phone off for at least 30 minutes at a time.  This could be while you have lunch with a friend, when you go for a walk, when you are working on an important project for an hour.

4.     The first three habits are key to give yourself these short breaks without your phone, but you also need to build in longer breaks. Go on a phone detox for at least 24 hours as often as you can.  This could be for a day, a weekend away or maybe a whole week’s holiday without your phone.

The final reason we stopped using twitter is that people are over stimulated by the sheer volume of information being thrown out into the world.  Everyday through all the media channels people are being hit with massive amounts of information. 

We want to keep our channels clean and simple.  We write one or two blogs per month.  We send an email on the first of each month to our group on key energy habits for the month to help keep people on track with making positive changes to their energy and we send an email in the middle of the month with a link to our blog and any latest news.  Other than that we are focused on coaching people within organisations in our workshops, webinars, podcasts, events and motivational talks

In summary we appreciate that twitter works for some, but we stopped using twitter because we believe that the practice of mindfulness, the reduction of technology use and the reduction of information being sent out into the world are far more important for people’s health, energy, happiness and performance than the information we can send out via twitter each day.

What small change could you make today to reduce your social media and technology use?

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