Sep 24 2015

Over the past 7 years since the credit crunch and recession, we have witnessed an increase in stress in the workplace.  This stress is a growing problem for HR as it increases staff absence and staff turnover, while impacting on engagement and productivity.

The main causes of this increase in stress are:

1.     The demands on people in the workplace are continually increasing. As organisations push for growth, employees are stretched further.

2.     In addition to increasing work demands, people are also being stretched by our modern lifestyle.

The modern lifestyle:

With the increase in work demands, people are struggling to find a satisfactory work life balance. This is key to helping people to de-stress and achieve resilience at work.

The stimulation from technology is continually increasing and people are switched on from the moment they wake to the moment they go to bed.  This is leading to mental fatigue and burn out.

Most people do not have a relaxation habit built into their daily routine.  This is essential to calm the nervous system from the stress of work and technology use.

With the increase in technology use, our modern lifestyle has become extremely sedentary and people are not getting enough regular exercise, which is key for physical health, a clear mind and the reduction of the stress hormone cortisol.

With the increase in work demands and the increase in technology use, people are not getting enough quality sleep, which is key for a healthy and resilient mind and body.

With the increase in consumption of processed foods, people are not eating enough nutritionally rich foods, which are essential for energy and resilience.  In addition, these processed foods and drinks put further stress onto the body.

Employers have three options:

1.     Reduce the demands on employees, but in a competitive world this is unlikely to happen.

2.     Support their people to increase their energy and resilience to the stresses of work and life.

3.     Do nothing about the problem, resulting in:

Low energy

High stress

Low resilience


Poor productivity

Under performing

Poor creativity and innovation


High staff turnover

Staff absence

Your people are your most valuable asset.  Supporting your employees to be the best they can be is no longer a nice to have but a key component of a successful thriving organisation.

Here are 10 of the key ingredients we coach people on to improve their energy and resilience:

1.     Simple strategies to manage pressure and high work demands

2.     Smart working strategies for energy & productivity

3.     Strategies for how managers can support their teams to manage pressure

4.     Mindfulness and positive psychology to increase resilience

5.     Meditation and relaxation techniques to increase resilience

6.     The fundamentals to achieve great sleep to increase resilience and productivity

7.     Nutrition to increase energy & resilience

8.     Exercise to increase energy & resilience

9.     Healthy technology use & back care for energy & resilience

10.   Creating a positive work life balance for happiness & resilience

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