Nov 19 2015

Since 2004 we have been helping organisations to thrive by coaching their employees to improve their energy and to be the best they can be. During this time we have refined the following ingredients, which we have found are essential for creating change.

Here are some of the ingredients that we find are key in helping you create a healthy, energised workforce.


1. We meet with the head of HR to really understand your organisation, brand, challenges & objectives.

2. We support you to engage the Directors of your business to help create change and a culture shift. It makes a big difference when your leaders ‘walk the walk’ with their own personal energy.

3. We take a tailored approach. This is key for change, both in terms of our method i.e. workshops, webinars, podcasts, events, motivational talks and the content we cover.

4. We support you to engage the HR team and internal communications manager who will be managing and communicating the programme. This is essential to drive the take-up of the programme.

5. We help you align your employer branding to your programme. Shouting about the culture you are creating will help you to attract and retain top talent.

6. We create consistency and repetition. These elements are essential for change.

7. Our sessions have the following key elements that support change:

• Inspiring and knowledgeable coaches
• Leading edge content that we simplify
• We have over 80 sessions covering all the topics in the areas of physical and mind energy
• All our sessions include our system for habit change that’s based on the science of the brain

• Our book give employees further support to help imbed their learning

8. We review your programme each three to six months to keep it evolving. 


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