Dec 03 2015

CEOs, Directors and HR of forward thinking organisations now recognise that creating a healthy, energised workforce is no longer a nice to have, but an essential ingredient to drive high performance, engagement and retention as well as keeping staff absence to a minimum.

So how do you create a healthy, energised workforce?

There are many factors that impact upon staff health and energy, however the key element that has the biggest impact is coaching employees to make changes to their habits.

Ultimately, an individual’s health and energy are driven by their daily and weekly habits.

Therefore the formula to achieve great health and energy goes like this:

Increase the good habits in your life that have a positive effect on your health and energy.

Reduce those habits in your life that have a negative effect.

There are hundreds of habits that benefit you.  The great news is that they are all simple.

So with this simple formula great health and energy should therefore be easy to achieve?

Well as we know that’s rarely the case.  The challenge lies in making the habit changes and sticking to them. 

It is our formula for coaching people to be the best they can be that allows people to create real change in their lives.

Here are some of the key ingredients we coach people on for making positive habit changes:

We focus on coaching people to focus on a maximum of three small habit changes per month.  This ensures the changes are realistic and achievable with today’s busy lifestyle.  Small habit changes drive big improvements to both physical and mental health and energy.

We inspire people to make change.  This helps to give people the focus, belief and motivation to change, all of which are essential.

We help to answer people’s key questions so they can have clarity on what habit changes are most appropriate for them at this time.

We coach people on the common challenges they will face when making habit changes.

We coach people on the importance of the 80/20 rule i.e. as long as people stick to a new healthy habit 80% of the time or more, they will benefit.

In summary, change does not come easy for most people.  However with the right ingredients change becomes achievable. 

Here is our simple formula:

1. We coach employees make changes to their habits.

2. As habit changes are made, physical and mental health and energy increases.

3. An organisation with healthy, energised employees will increase performance, productivity, engagement, and retention, while reducing absence.


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