Jan 12 2016

There are literally hundreds of habits that benefit your health and energy and hundreds that have a negative impact.

You can get great benefits from having some core positive habits in place.  These are your foundation for great health and energy.  Everyone is different so your core habits will be unique to you.

As an example, I have listed below 10 of my core energy habits and the reasons I love them.

Finally, remember the 80/20 rule.  As long as you practice your core habits 80% of the time or more you will benefit, so no need for perfection.

1. I do one thing at a time with all my focus. 

This is the essence of mindfulness. It allows me to enjoy life to the fullest and it plays a key role in my creativity and performance both in work and in sport.

2. Evening meal around 6pm. 

This is made up of a high protein food combined with lots of vegetables.  Eating early gives my body around four hours to digest my food before I go to bed.  This helps both my sleep and energy the next day.  The protein food and the vitamins and minerals in the vegetables are helping my body to repair and recover over night.

3. Avoid all technology an hour before bed

This helps me to calm my nervous system from all the stimulation of the day and helps me achieve a great nights sleep.  This in turn plays a key role in my energy the next day.

4. Most nights I’m in bed by 10pm

This helps me to achieve a great nights sleep.  Research shows that between 10pm and 2am are often very high quality sleep hours.  This in turn plays a key role in my energy the next day, while also helping to ensure I wake early, thereby giving me time for my morning habits.

5.  20 minutes of TM meditation as soon as I wake up

This truly is the most beautiful way to start a day.  My mind feels happy, sharp and creative and the positive feelings I have while I meditate help to ensure my day is a positive one.

6.  20-90 minutes of morning exercise

After spending eight hours sleeping and then a further 20 minutes in meditation and with the knowledge that a big part of my day will be seated, my body wants to move. Each day I vary the time, type and intensity of my exercise based on how my body and energy feels at the time.  This habit helps to kick-start my energy for the day and by exercising in the morning I guarantee consistency.

7. 1.5 litres of water within roughly two hours of waking

This habit hydrates me in the morning and helps my body to flush out toxins that have been created overnight from my body processing the food and drink from the day before.  This also plays a key role in my energy for the morning.

8. High energy breakfast

I vary my breakfast mix, but generally I will combine a gluten free slow release carbohydrate food such as buckwheat flakes, gluten free oats or amaranth pops, with seeds such as chia, shelled hemp or pumpkin seeds.  I’ll generally include a small amount of fruit and almond milk.  This breakfast is nutritionally rich and will energise me for around three-four hours.

9. Writing down my three must do’s for the day

Taking the time to write down my three must do actions for the day, really is time well spent.  Without a doubt this habit is simple and plays a key role in my performance at work.

10. Positive talking

Let’s face it, we all love it when we are feeling positive and happy.  For me the No1 way to stay positive and happy is to always talk positively.  You may have times when your thoughts and feelings are not positive, however you always have control over your words.  As with all the habits in this blog, it takes practice at first, then it becomes effortless and natural.


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