Feb 01 2016

How many New Year resolutions have you kept? Maybe you made a pledge with yourself to do more exercise and get fit, eat healthier, drink less alcohol or make changes to your work schedule to improve your work-life balance. The chances are you made some, or even lots of promises to yourself at the beginning of January to make healthy changes in 2016. But maybe you’re finding your new habits challenging to stick to, if so you’re not alone!

Change does not always come easily.  Remember it’s what you do that makes a difference to your health, energy and resilience and not what you know. So how can you successfully stick to habit changes?

We’ve been coaching individuals for over 12 years and have some top tips to help you create and stick to new habits.

COMMIT to 1,2 or 3 simple habit changes for 30 days.  Don’t over stretch yourself with too many changes, as this can seem overwhelming. Pick a maximum of 3 habit changes, it maybe as simple as drinking 1.5-2L water daily or doing a 20 minute morning workout three times per week.

MOTIVATION AND FOCUS. You need motivation and focus through your first 30 days. This is the most challenging time during a habit change and your commitment is key.

REVIEW - write your habit changes in your phone so you can review them regularly to keep focused. Remember that at the beginning you will consciously carry out your habits, but with regular PRACTICE your habits will become automatic and a natural part of your routine.

PRACTICE your new habits for 30 days so they become a regular part of your routine.  Repetition is key to help you imbed your habits.

BELIEF AND POSITIVITY – the power of belief plays a big part in successfully making positive habit changes. Use positive words and phrases to yourself and others when talking about your new habits.

ENVIRONMENT - adapt your environment to support your changes. For example stock your cupboards with healthy foods or put your gym clothes out the night before for your 20 minute morning workout.

80/20 RULE as long as you practice your healthy habits 80% of the time or more you will benefit, so no need for perfection.





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