Mar 01 2016

We sometimes forget that it’s not just what we eat that makes a difference to our health and energy but also what we drink. You might be one of those with a coffee habit or even a full on caffeine addiction and may well think that this helps improve your energy. However, science shows that regularly drinking too much caffeine can actually have the reverse effect.

Caffeine triggers our “fight or flight” response, increasing adrenaline levels in the body causing a caffeine “buzz”. But this doesn’t last for long as adrenaline levels fall rapidly, leaving you feeling low in energy, tired and maybe anxious or even moody. So you’ve guessed it – you reach for another cup of coffee or tea and the adrenaline roller coaster starts again. Regular caffeine consumers, drinking more than 2-3 cups of caffeinated drinks a day, need more and more caffeine over time to get the same level of adrenaline. This vicious cycle ultimately leaves you low in energy.

Caffeine can also interfere with both quality and quantity of sleep and contributes to dehydration, which in turn can leave us with headaches, difficulty concentrating and low energy. Many coffee shops also pack in the extra sugar and calories from milk, added sweeteners and syrups. It’s been recently reported that some shop coffees may contain over 20 teaspoons of sugar!

So what three simple habits can you put in place to manage your caffeine intake and help boost your health and energy levels

1.     Switch your morning cup of tea or coffee to matcha tea, which contains only around a third of the caffeine content of coffee and tea so is great for transitioning into a lower caffeine diet. Matcha tea is also rich in antioxidants and nutrients to support health and energy. Plus, with no added milk or sweeteners it’s low in sugar and calories.

2.     Replace some of your caffeinated drinks with filtered water, herbal and fruit teas to keep hydrated and energised.

3.     Avoid caffeine after 2pm to enjoy a better quality and quantity of sleep.

Reducing or eliminating your caffeine habit will not only boost your energy but also save you money – your favourite latte might only be £2.65, but two of those per day will cost you over £1,400 a year! So practice these 3 healthy habits over the next month and notice the benefits to your health and wallet for yourself.

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