Aug 17 2016

Over the years we have run resilience programmes for hundreds of organisations within many different industries.  However, there is one industry I’d like to cover in terms of it’s need for a resilient workforce and that is law firms.

Within law firms energy and resilience is an essential ingredient for success and sustainability.  Resilience is needed at all levels, whether it’s a new trainee solicitor dealing with the demands of their new career or an associate or partner dealing with the ongoing pressure from their demanding role.

Most large law firms take a very focused approach to their people objectives:

- Productivity is key with all client work time costed

- Performance is essential when dealing with the accuracy of highly detailed work

- Staff retention is important.  Losing a trainee, associate or partner to another firm is extremely costly

- Employee absence is a huge cost to the firm and extremely detrimental to ongoing transactions and client relationships

- Finally, the brand, the culture and employee benefits package are all key in helping HR to attract the best people. 

As we know law firms are an intense place to work and these factors listed below can make it harder for law firms to achieve their people objectives:

- Long intense working hours in front of a computer

- High profile clients in different time zones and fast paced deals

- Fee earners are constantly accessible by email and phone

- Stress and uncertainty for new trainees who are entering a new high pressure environment

- Dealing with highly detailed work requires intense concentration

Poor sleep quality and quantity driven by long hours, stress, and a high exposure to technology

Finding the time to exercise, eat healthily and properly switch off and relax can be a challenge

All of the above can put a strain on relationships at work, which can create further stress in the workplace

All of these factors are a big drain on energy affecting both mental and physical resilience.

So given the people objectives for law firms and the demands on people.  Health, energy and resilience has become an essential component for a successful and sustainable law firm.

For more information on our health, energy and resilience programmes for law firms, contact Lucy Gray Director at EnergiseYou – or 0208 8359150


Oliver Gray – Founder EnergiseYou


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