Did you know Companies have a legal obligation to ensure every employee has a properly set up workstation?

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    Combining the benefits of mindfulness and meditation with an energising neck, back & shoulder massage

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Before you read any further, Stand Up, Stretch, Look Out of the Window and Take At Least 3 Deep Breaths...

We are spending more and more time on our computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. In fact, a recent study found that on average in the UK we spend almost 7 hours per day in front of a screen. If you work full time and use a computer, the total is almost definitely higher. Even as you read this page, consider how much time you have already spent today interacting with your technology.

We weren’t designed for this! So what are some of the consequences on our health, energy & performance of this excessive technology use?

  • Long periods of sitting in the same position without regular movement are wreaking havoc on our health. Some health experts have warned that sitting is more dangerous than smoking.
  • Most people do not have their workstations correctly set up and are prone to injury as a result
  • Most people adopt incorrect posture whilst using their computer or laptop placing unnecessary pressure on their bodies
  • Many people are using a laptop throughout the day without a riser and separate keyboard causing discomfort and long-term injury risks
  • Many people hot desk and do not have the resources they need to set their workstation up correctly each time they move desks
  • Neck, back & shoulder problems and other musculoskeletal disorders are on the increase due to this excessive technology use
  • Neck, back & shoulder problems and other musculoskeletal disorders account for over 7.6 million lost working days a year according to one NHS study. What is the impact of this on productivity?
  • Most people are switched on to technology from waking to bedtime, this is leading to burnout