71% of people say they are suffering with low energy (EnergiseYou energy survey 2016)

78% of people report feeling stressed at work (EnergiseYou energy survey 2016)

87% of employees worldwide are not engaged at work (Gallup 2016)

37% of employees say they enjoy where they work (Lansons survey 2017)

Your people are both the biggest cost and the biggest opportunity for growth for your business. Innovative organisations recognise the vital importance of a healthy, energised, engaged, creative and resilient workforce in driving high performance.


We help innovative organisations to thrive by:

Coaching your people to improve their energy and to be the best they can be.

Coaching your leaders and managers to create energised, engaged and high performing teams.

We do this using our unique coaching model in our workshops, webinars, energy events, 1-2-1 coaching and motivational talks.

We take tried & tested leading edge content in the field of human performance and we simplify it to ensure your people create maximum change.

Being the best you can be is driven by five interconnected areas:

  1. Mind
  2. Body
  3. Spirit
  4. Life - both inside and outside of work
  5. Your organisation - culture, leadership, managers, team dynamics and much more.

We have over 80 unique programmes focused on coaching your people to be the best they can be and focused on coaching leaders and managers to create energised, engaged and high performing teams.

Here are some of the topics we cover in the areas of mind, body, spirit & life:

Energy management, mind management, mental health, mindfulness, meditation, resilience, managing pressure, positive psychology, optimum nutrition, exercise, sleep, managing tech use, ergonomics, back care, smart working strategies, minimalism, goal setting, work life balance, understanding consciousness, managing energy fatigue, thriving in times of change

Here are some of the many topics we cover for leaders and managers:

Mindfulness for leaders, emotional intelligence for leaders, creating strength based teams, creating a team with a shared vision, leadership through shared values, open, honest, engaging leadership, the power of trust and autonomy within teams, team dynamics and conflict resolution, mindfulness and communication within teams, breeding positivity, resilience and energy


  1. We meet with heads of HR, L&D managers and leaders to really understand your organisation, challenges & objectives.
  2. We design a tailored programme that's aligned to your organisation and that delivers on your objectives.
  3. We implement your programme, providing you with support for internal communications.
  4. We review and evolve your programme so we keep your organisation progressing.