Our EnergiseYou® back massage is regarded as one of the UK’s most loved employee benefits and used by some of the best companies to re-energise their staff.

EnergiseYou back massage combines the benefits of mindfulness and meditation with an energising neck, back & shoulder massage.

how it works

Our fully qualified massage practitioners will massage you, through your clothing, whilst you are seated in a specially designed chair. At the start of your massage you will be given a few simple pointers to help you clear your mind and switch off, this helps to ensure both mind & body are re-energised.

EnergiseYou back massage can be adapted for 10, 15, 20 or 30 minute sessions and leaves your employees feeling energised both mentally & physically.

Benefits to your company

  • Improve staff health, energy & performance
  • Increase staff engagement
  • Attract & retain the best people
  • Reduce staff absence & related costs
  • Reduce reactive health costs such as EAPs & PMI

Benefits to your employees

  • Excellent for problem solving & creativity
  • Releases trapped tension & boosts energy levels
  • Reduces negative emotions, fear, stress & anxiety
  • Reduces and prevents neck, back & shoulder tension
  • Reduces and prevents RSI

WHY choose energiseYou® back massage

  1. Our service is specifically designed to improve the health, energy & performance of your staff
  2. EnergiseYou back massage is used by some of the most innovative businesses UK wide
  3. We provide our back massage services to organisations with offices UK wide
  4. Our competitive costs make our service excellent value
  5. Our unique online booking system ensures our service is admin free for your company
  6. We have the best massage practitioners & pride ourselves on outstanding service, or your money back